Eco-friendly Coatings for Transportation, by Eco Smart Coatings

Coatings for RV Industry  Reduce employee exposure to hazardous pollutants.

Eco Smart Coatings™ supports the transportation industry with environmentally, eco, friendly “Green” undercoatings enabling our customers to lower their carbon footprint while also enhancing quality, shortening production time, lowering emissions while also reducing employee’s exposure to Hazardous Air Pollutants (H.A.P.S.) or volatile organic compounds (V.O.C’s). Eco Smart Coatings™ accomplishes this by offering low to no V.O.C., H.A.P.S. free undercoatings and finishes that enable our customers to comply with strict emission requirements.


Eco Smart Coatings™ supports the transportation and recreational Vehicle industries (RV) with environmentally friendly “Green” undercoatings and finishes that hold up to harsh environments. Eco Smart Coatings™ undercoatings and finishes are applied to a wide variety of vehicles, components, and equipment including but not limited to motorhomes, O.E.M. manufacturers, semi trailers, chassis, car haulers, recreational vehicles, shipping, marine, rail road, commercial bus fleets, construction, and any other equipment that needs protection from harsh environmental conditions.

Eco-friendly Waterborne Undercoatings


SmartArmR™ by Eco Smart Coatings for ships and shipping containers.  SmartArmR™ by Eco Smart Coatings for parts and components.


Gorilla-Gard™ is a blend of highly advanced vinyl emulsions that dries quickly to a hard chemically-resistant coating. This coating passes a 750 salt fog test without blisters at only 2mil dft. Before now only two-part chemistries could match these results. Gorilla-Gard™ can be top coated with most any paint if a specific final color is desired. Gorilla-Gard™ will dry hard fast and, naturally, continue to harden over the next 10 additional days without losing any flexibility. Use Gorilla-Gard™ wherever protection from corrosion is needed.


SmartArmR™ undercoating is a polymer modified and mineral filled asphaltic waterborne coating for the protection of chassis, frames and other underbody parts. This is our best performing nearly V.O.C. free waterborne undercoat, providing excellent long term flexibility and corrosion protection. SmartArmR™ undercoating provides superior protection from corrosion, abrasion and seals out moisture in addition to improved sound deadening and vibration dampening to metal surfaces. SmartArmR™ undercoating has been rigorously tested and proven to withstand repeated exposure to sodium, calcium chloride and has passed salt spry test ASTM B-117A at over 2000 hours. SmartArmR™ undercoating is available in black or gray.

Eco-friendly Traditional Undercoatings

1308-7936M Amorize™ rubberized undercoating has been formulated to offer outstanding rust preventative properties when applied over clean steel. Armorize™ rubberized undercoating also has excellent adhesion properties over a variety of substrates and performs well over weld marks and seams with no pullback. Amorize™ rubberized undercoating will allow for flexibility in excess of thirty degrees to compensate for frame flex and impact resistance.


Amorize™ rubberized undercoating is a unique undercoating which is formulated to enable high film build with no sagging for underside Automotive and RV applications where corrosion protection and over the road abrasion resistance is required. Amorize™ undercoating exhibits road noise insulation and vibration dampening properties when applied at proper dry film thickness.


Amorize™ rubberized undercoating has been formulated not to sag or run during application making it very easy to work with. Amorize™ rubberized undercoating has the ability to dry outside in freezing or wet conditions with no adverse reactions. Amorize™ undercoating has been rigorously tested and proven to withstand repeated exposure to sodium, calcium chloride and has passed salt spry test ASTM B-117A at over 500 hours. Armorize™ rubberized undercoating is available in black and cures to a smooth semi-gloss appearance.


1308-7936HF Armorize™ rubberized undercoating offers the same properties of 1308-7936 Armorize™ undercoating in a H.A.P.S. free composition.


Eco-friendly Industrial Finishes


Eco Smart Coatings™ offers a complete line of industrial coatings including primers and topcoats in a variety of formulas such as alkyds, urethanes, epoxies and acrylics in water base and conventional formulas.